Picture of my airplane

1960 Cessna C-172A N7322T

This is the airplane I owned for 8 1/2 years. I named it " Two to Tango" (from the radio call sign 22-TANGO). A Continental O-300 six cylinder, 145 hp engine provides power for N7322T. I purchased the airplane in 1992. It was in fair mechanical condition, but looked terrible. I spent most of 1992 learning to fly, but by 1994 I had saved enough to have the bird painted. The paint scheme you see is the original 1960 scheme. The color was inspired by the 1961 Nash Metropolitan I drove for ten years (see below).

Chrysler Electronic Voice Alert Page

1988 Dodge Daytona Pacifica

The White Tornado

This is my daily driver.  The car is a specialty version of the Daytona, one of 4,172 Pacifica models produced in 1988. I rebuilt most of the car including stripping the peeling paint and repainting with golden white pearl.  Modifications include a higher output turbo, intercooler and performance 5 speed transmission.  The computer is reprogrammed for 15lbs boost.  Read the whole ridiculous story about the rebuild on........

Stan Buys a Car
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and if you are really brave, read the frightening sequel
Stan Buys a Minivan
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From the "Adding Silly Options Department":

The Chrysler Electronic Voice Alert (EVA)
aka "the talking man in the glove box"



picture of my metropolitan The 1961 Nash I drove for ten years.

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