So, we know what happens when Stan buys a car. Now, can you imagine what transpires when Stan buys a minivan? Curious? Read on..........

Stan Buys a Minivan
Why on earth would you do that?!

89 turbo automatic van Since I couldn't comfortably fit seven people in the Daytona, I decided I needed a minivan - but not just an average minivan. The van needs to be.... well, it needs to be "interesting". Hmmm, a five speed turbo minivan would fit the bill. ...Two years later..... I can't find a turbo five speed van, so I'll make my own! This turbo ES Caravan looks like a good place to start. I like the leather seats!
July 9, 1999  
The engine still looks dirty even after steam cleaning. It doesn't seem to have much power either. How come all those hoses don't have anywhere to go? What is that stuff spewng from the radiator? And why is the engine making a funny knocking noise? I think I need to make a few minor repairs. cough!... Sputter!..!..Wheezzzzzz...knocka.. knocka.....
This shouldn't take more than a couple of weeks.. I'll just remove the enigne so I can paint it easier. Hrrrmmph! It looks like somebody has been keeping lots of water and oil in the cylinders. The front suspension looks dirty, I'll take it out also. And while the engine and suspension are out, that automatic transmission has to go. I'll find a five speed box to replace it.
September 1999  
The parts are clean, but they don't look nice. Why do they put so many parts in the van?
. No sense in putting ugly parts back.
October 1999  
That looks a little better. I hope I can figure out where these go.
Whooooooooa! I need to make sure it can stop.
Now, I need to make sure it can GO!

No need to put back the power-robbing balance shafts. I do need new pistons, bearings, oil pump, etc, etc. Of course I need to make the engine look nice also.
  November 1999

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