I sure hope you're hungry, because we're going on a cyber flight to South Carolina's only fly-in barbeque.


I've filled her up and completed the preflight checklist, hop in and fasten your seat belt

picture of my airplane

We're ready for takeoff, Lets go!

Picture of pilot

Clouds above and chicken houses below. Sorry, no movies on this flight.Inflight picture

Is that a plywood pig on the roof of that building?

ariel view of Stantons

No, that's not a soybean field, that's the runway!

picture of runway

Something smells good. Let's go on inside.picture outside BBQ
Now that's a real meal. Let's eat.picture of food
The proud proprietor, Mr. Stanton.picture of owner
Time to go home, but we'll be back.
Home again, on final approach for runway 17 at Wilgrove airport.picture of runway at Wilgrove airport

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I hoped you enjoyed our little flight of fancy. Now get away from the computer and go out and do some real flying!

Stantons offers great barbeque and seafood, hours are: W-F 11-2, 5-9:30, Sat 11-9:30, Sunday 11- 3 Closed Mon, Tues. Telephone: (803) 265-4855 Address: 2828 Stanton Rd, Bennettsville, SC 29512
Directions to Stantons Barbeque and Fish Camp:

For those of you who use little black boxes to navigate here are the numbers: N34-43-9 W79-40-0
If you use a VOR, it's 35 miles on 003 radial from Florence115.2.


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