Stan Buys a Car
or :
Car Buying made Difficult

One day I decided I wanted a new car. My old one was OK, but I was tired of working on it, and there was a small tear in the front seat. I wondered what kind of car would be right. The new car had to be interesting and fun, not too hard to repair, not too expensive, able to carry the whole family (seven in all) and maybe sporty too! I started my search on the Local Motor mile. "I don't have $27000 !"

expensive van

Hey, this van looks pretty good. It holds seven (just the right number), it looks OK (not too sporty though), and it only costs ....choke... $27,000. Besides, it's too hard to change the sparkplugs on the back of the engine. Maybe this isn't the vehicle for me. I better go look at something else.


Hmmmm.... very interesting expensive fast car

I like racing stripes. I like wide tires, ten cylinder fuel injected engines, and speedometers that go up to 200mph! The car only holds two, but one has to make compromises sometimes. Let's see....... I wonder if they would take my house on trade. Wait a minute! What's this $3000 gas guzzler tax??!? I'm not paying that! I'll have to find something else.


expensive truck
How about a pickup truck? It can hold two up front. Can we tie the kids down in the back? No, wait, they might spill something on the bedliner. A truck will not work.

Time to try the used car lots.....................

Oh boy! Look!!  A "customized" 5 liter Impala dubbed "The Love Machine".   The perfect ride to head on down to "The Love Shack".   So come on, and bring your juke box money!

Hey dude, like, what a kewl ride! Reasonably priced excrescence



Luv, baby, Luv!Check out the wild graphics on this car. Only $800 for this one of a kind ride! Let's see.. my new car must be  interesting, fun, inexpensive, easy to maintain, able to carry the faimily and sporty.  This car is definitely interesting.  Someone has been having fun with this car.  I wouldn't call the "Love Machine" sporty, but it shouldn't be too hard to fix.   This looks like a good deal, but it doesn't have a stereo that will do the B 52's justice. Besides, it's not a Chrysler.   Maybe I better look at something else before I make up my mind.

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