Stan Buys a Car
Part III
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junked car taking up garage space This is turning into quite a project..........
My kind of yard work..... Junkyard work! Greasy front end parts
Nice clean engine partsNow how did that engine recipe go.... 4 packs piston rings, rod bearings, main bearings and gaskets.  Mix thoroughly until rebuilt.   Bake until golden brown.  Yeah, that was it. Hone, hone on the range... I'm honing my skills, no, I mean my cylinders.
There, that's much better... It runs, it purrs, it BOOSTS! Whew... I'm glad that's done.
Ooopps, I fixed the wrong car!  This was supposed to be my parts car. This is nicer than the one I'm going to keep!
The ultimate wieght saving technique... OK, lets try one more time.
Now how does all this stuff up hook up? A scenic view of the high performance 5-speed
Red makes it go faster! I think I'm getting good at this.
Let's see if I can get my head on straight. I don't think these are extra parts.
Intercooler, painted the right color...BLACK! Here's the "new" intercooler/radiator.  I painted it black since EVERYONE knows that black doubles the efficiency due to its emissivity.
Go in, Go In, IN! IN!   Dad Gum!!......... Another day, another engine installation.
scratch right down a little Got to sand it until it's "slick as a mole".
I don't know...Maybe I should have used Duct tape. Wait,  I can't paint without numbers.
those flies will add interesting texture to the finish Time to take the wrapping paper off.  This is better than a birthday!
It's a clean machine.
The White Tornado
The White Tornado

I'm done! and I'm tired............

Net cost of selling old car, selling "parts" car and fixing up "new" car - $0    

So, now that the car is done what am I going to do with myself?......................





Free car with new $400 225 50 R15 Tires! Hey, look what I got free with a new set of $400 tires! 

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