Chrysler Wire Color Codes

To assist in installation of the Electronic Voice Alert and other electrical projects

Color Code Color Standard tracer color
BK Black White
BR Brown White
DB Dark Blue White
DG Dark Green White
GY Gray Black
LB Light Blue Black
LG Light Green Black
OR Orange Black
PK Pink Black or White
RD Red White
TN Tan White
VT Violet White
WT White Black
YL Yellow Black

An * denotes a tracer.  For example  BK*  is black with a white tracer, BK/RD* is black with a red tracer.

Wire Identification:

The wire identification in the Shop manuals is not too difficult when you know what all the numbers and letters mean.   Typical wire codes would be M26 22LB  or X1 18RD.  

First Letter - Main Circuit Identification

First set of numbers, one or two digits - Part of main circuit

Second set of number - wire gage

Remaining letters - wire color

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