Chrysler Electronic Voice Alert Identification



This page will show you how to tell the difference between 11 function and 24 function EVA units and how to determine which language an EVA uses.

If you have a Spanish or French language EVA you will sell (11 or 24 function) please write me.


11 Function EVA 

The 11 function EVA has only one major component, which is located above the glove box.

As with most EVA units, this one has lost the sticker with the part number.  You can tell it is an 11 function unit since it does not have the raised perforated area used on the 24 function speech module. 

The small hole near the bottom of the picture is for viewing the number on the message ROM chip. The four digit number in the lower left corner identifies the language of the messages.

0954 English US

Normally, the part number label covers the chip ID hole, but the label clearly identifies the language in the chip.

The 11 function unit came in the following cars

84-86 Daytona and Laser

84-88 New Yorker

84-87 H body (Lancer and Lebaron GTS)

84-86 Dodge 600?


24 Function EVA

The 24 function EVA consists of two major components, the Electronic Monitor (located in the dash below the navigator) and the speech synthesis unit (located above the glove box).

If a car has the Electronic monitor, then it has the 24 function EVA. The only exception to this is the 1988 J body LeBaron. These cars were available with the Electronic Monitor, but omitted the speech synthesis module.

This picture above shows the standard message center on the left and the Electronic Monitor on the right. At the present time, I do not know how to identify the language used in an Electronic Monitor.

Below is pictured the 24 function EVA speech unit. The raised perforated area accommodates the built-in chimes. The hole to the left of the raised area is for viewing the number on the ROM message chip.


The four digit number in the lower left corner of the chip identifies the language.

2346 - English

2400 - French

2498 - Spanish

The part number label may cover the chip ID hole, but it clearly states the language. The picture below shows a typical 24 function EVA label. This isn't the greatest picture, but you can see where the word ENGLISH is stamped to the right of the Chrysler logo.

The 24 function EVA came in the following cars:

84-86 Daytona and Laser

87 J body Lebaron

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