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All Radios Completely operable unless otherwise noted   
All refinishing is of the highest professional quality, duplicating the original finish and color.

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1930 Sterling

A Five tube Tuned Radio Frequency set. Interesting cabinet design with all straight edges. Sold

1930 Sterling Radio

1938 Zenith 5R-216 "cube" A good example of this interesting and compact set. Completely restored, plays perfectly. Sold
1941 Zenith 7S557 A wonderfuly playing set with three bands and pushbuttons. Original finish in good condition, new reproduction Zenth grill cloth.


      Radios for sale as-is unrestored  
1937 Sparton Model 867 Wonderful styling and a attractive dial with a blue mirrored background. AM and shortwave, restored to original performance and appearance.


1941 Zenith 12S-568 A super Zenith set with 12 tubes and the Zenith Robot (or shutter) dial. Beautifully restored, a great sounding radio with AM, and two shortwave bands.


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