Prewar Lionel Trains


I sold all my extra Lionel trains, but I left this page up for identification purposes. I don't really collect antique Lionel trains, but I have a few that I have restored and operate (play with). I started out restoring a Lionel Junior set that my Dad received in 1934 and added a few pieces here and there. Questions, comments, let me know.

806 Cattle Car

Late 1920's w/o journal covers, note small round door handles. Restored using correct colors. No reproduction parts except oil label.

2653 Hopper Car

Made in the late 1930's, this car has the magnetic type electric couplers. St. Girard green This car is somewhat hard to find.

804 Tank Car

Early 1930's

807 Caboose

Completely restored, repainted in the hard to find dark green/peacock color scheme, although this one was originally red..

805 Box Car

Early 1930's Note the differences between this one and the older one below. Original paint, clean with normal playwear.

831 Flat Car

Early 1930's, restored, lionel dk green, original wood load.

902 Gondola Car

Early 1930's. St. Girard Green, restored, reproduction brakewheels and oil label.

805 Box Car

Late 1920's w/o journal covers. Original paint, the only reproduction parts are the brakewheels.

1682 Caboose

Late1930's with hood type coupler. Decent lithographs, base appears to have been repainted.

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