1946 Midland Model M6B


In 1946 demand for radios, like automobiles, was pent up due to the suspension of production during the war. Many companies produced radios in 1946 to meet this demand. One of the less known of these was the Midland Radio Co. of Decorah Iowa. The company presumably got its name from its geographical location. The M6B is a five tube superhet circuit set, operated on 115V AC or DC. The M6B utilized slug tuning (variable inductors) instead of the usual variable capacitor. A cam mechanism is used to move the slugs up and down while turning the dial indicator over a 300 deg arc. Performance of the M6B is average. The exterior design of the M6B is a good example of early post-war styling. The M6B is an example of a "left handed radio", one of the few radios designed with knobs on the left side of the set. The Midland Radio Co. did not last long, but some of the radios are still with us.

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