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Restoration Completed September 2005

Complete Documented History Since New

Original Engine

I drove this car approximately 5000 miles after restoration. It was properly broken in, very reliable – I could drive it anywhere! It started easily, even in the cold. I installed the top and side curtains properly, I could drive it in the rain and stay dry.

MGA number GHNL85692 was built at Abington-on-Thames, England in January 1960. The car arrived at Gathings Imported Cars in Charlotte, NC in early April 1960. The first two owners lived in Kings Mountain NC. From 1969 to 1972 the car had two owners in Salisbury NC, returning to Charlotte in 1973. At some point in the late 1970’s the car was sold for parts due to numerous small problems (many due to improper electrical repairs). The car sat in a damp spot behind a repair shop until 2004 when I purchased it. Rust ate away much of the body over the nearly 30 year period.
When I purchased the car, it was nearly complete, but most of the body sheet metal had to be replaced with a combination of used parts from other cars and new parts (sills, lower body panels). Almost all the mechanical and electrical components were in good enough condition to be rebuilt. Everything on the car was carefully restored with an emphasis on making the car reliable and fun to drive. The car has been returned to its original configuration and color and still has its original engine. The engine # and body color are documented on the first owner's application for title.
Slight modifications (similar to the MGA MKII) were made to the engine to give it performance comparable to the slightly larger MGB engine. These modifications include larger valves, late model MGB pushrods and lifters, lighter MGB flywheel, MGB pressure plate, and a mild crane cam. The head was rebuilt to run on unleaded fuel. The engine is very strong and revs quickly. The car has plenty of power for modern traffic, and the disc brakes are great!
Fenders and sills were carefully fitted to give proper and even spacing around the doors.
The MGA is undoubtedly the most fun to drive of any car I have owned. The SU carburetors are set up properly and work great.
I installed a space-saver spare for extra room in the boot. The hand crank is original, the tools and jack in the tool bag are pracitcal modern tools. Where do all the original tools go!?#? I suppose they end up in the darkest corners of old garages.
I did not like the appearance of a radio in the facia. The blanking plate is held on by magnets, and is easily removed when operating the radio.
Doing what it does best!
Side curtains stowed in the storage bag.