Antique Radios are not becoming more plentiful. However, some of the restoration efforts I have seen in Antique Radio equipment contests are nothing short of heroic. Many of the nicest radios in my collection started out as basket cases deemed hopeless by some collectors. You will be amazed at what you can do with "junk" if you put in enough time and effort. Check out the page How I Restore Antique Radios for some restoration tips. If you have a radio that is not worth your time to restore, or if it seems just too horrible to restore, take it to the nearest Antique Radio swap meet and sell it (or give it away if you have to) to someone who will restore it. I have put together a little collection of before and after pictures to whet your appetite for radio restoration. Enjoy them!

Zenith 6S-27 before restoration Zenith 6S-27 after restoration
Zenith 6S-27 Broken grill, broken dial, ruined finish. It's time for the Green Hornet Dad!
Radio garbage A great Graybar Radio
From garbage.............. Graybar...more info in Radio Write-ups
Freed Eisemann before Freed Eisemann after
Freed Eyesore! Freed Eisemann
Philco 610 before restoration Philco 610 after restoration
Philco 37-610 This is all there was! Lots of missing parts Now it looks and sounds like new.
More pictures later!  

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