Case Histories of Antique Radio Problems

I don't have very many case histories since most problems fall into the general categories covered under the chassis repair page. Most problems are due to bad filter capacitors, bad resistors, failing high voltage capacitors, poor alignment or open coils.



Atwater Kent model 708

IF amplifier inoperable: Open cathode bias resister
RF amplifier inoperable: Open cathode bias resister
Oscillator inoperable: Several open resistors in ocsillator circuit (flexible wire type).
No reception on low end of AM band: Poor ground connection in ocsillator circuit.

Zenith 12S-265

RF amplifier inoperable: Open RF choke in B+ circuit, repaired choke.
Oscillator inoperative on AM: open osc. coil for AM portion of coil.

Silvertone chassis 101.359

Intermittent static, oscillator not stable (radio stations will not stay tuned in) Replaced
capacitor on plate circuit.


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